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Master of Science in Psychology

The University of Luxembourg is offering two main tracks for master students in psychology:

  • general track focusing on psychological intervention
  • specific track focusing on evaluation and assessment methods

Track Psychological Intervention

The track Psychological Intervention is designed for Bachelor graduates in Psychology and provides students with the opportunity to develop specialised knowledge and skills in different fields of applied psychology, with a special emphasis on psychological intervention and research methods. The programme follows a comprehensive training approach combining theory and research in psychology as well as practical job experience.

Graduates will work in the field of clinical psychology, educational psychology and other fields of psychological intervention.

Track Evaluation and Assessment

The track Evaluation and Assessment focuses on quantitative research methods to assess the learning potential, skills and personality profiles of individuals.

Students are prepared for a career in human resources departments, assessment centres and initial and continuing training centres.





Course directors

Georges Steffgen

Psychological intervention

Claude Houssemand

Evaluation and Assessment