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Master Theatre Studies and Interculturality

The University of Luxembourg works with the following cooperation partners, theatres and music festivals.

The cooperation partners provide internships for the third semester in the areas of artistic direction, dramaturgy, cultural management/organisation, and marketing/public relations


  • Théâtre d' Esch,
  • Théâtre National du Luxembourg,
  • Grand Théâtre de la Ville du Luxembourg,
  • Festival International Echternach,
  • Trifolion Echternach,
  • GrAFiTi


  • Theater Trier,
  • Saarländisches Staatstheater (Saarbrücken),
  • Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern,
  • Mosel Musikfestival.


  • Théâtre de Liège,
  • Chudosnic Sunergia (Eupen),
  • Agora Theater (St. Vith).


  • NEST Théâtre Centre Dramatique National Thionville Lorraine,
  • Le carreau (Forbach).

In the future, these collaborations will be supplemented by cooperation with the Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège and the Théâtre de la Place in Liège.