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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes (BCE) is a three-year course (six semesters) including a semester abroad.  It offers students the chance to complete disciplinary studies majoring in French studies, German studies, History, Philosophy or English studies. These disciplinary studies are supplemented with a range of interdisciplinary courses.

The BCE degree programme leads to the academic degree “Bachelor en Cultures Européennes”, specialising in one of the majors: French studies, German studies, English Studies, History and Philosophy.

The course provides expert qualifications and knowledge related to the relevant major. Multidisciplinary skills such as cross-border thinking, interdisciplinarity and multilingualism mean that students are also qualified for a range of professions.

Within the BCE programme, students have as well the opportunity to explore potential career paths by participating in special workshops designed to help them form a realistic impression of what working in a specific area is like.

Learning outcomes

As well as the fundamental study goals of the majors (cf. website of the subject concerned), social communication skills, the capacity to change perspective and for critical self-reflection are promoted. Furthermore, the following skills are gained in particular:

•    Multidisciplinary methodological skills
•    Competences in the area of knowledge transfer
•    Multidisciplinary reflective skills
•    Reflexivity
•    Communicative competences
•    Practical language and rhetorical skills
•    Presentation techniques
•    Professional qualification for teamwork in international projects and in the international context of action
•    Multilingual capacity 

Course director


The study programme at a glance

6 semesters
5 disciplines
multilingual & interdisciplinary
400€ / semester
(semesters 1 & 2)
200€ / semester
(semesters 3 to 6)