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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - English studies

The English Studies Programme is part of and contributes to the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes. This affects the programme structure and the types of choices available to you. Please make sure you check out the information relating to your year of entry (the academic year in which you started your studies in the BCE). This is important, as the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes has been reshaped, and this too will affect your choices and academic progress. 

Year of Entry: 2018 and Earlier

Programme Structure

Please use the Organisation Chart and the Module Structure / ECTS Checklist to plan your studies and track your progress.

ECTS Weighting (D) / (S)

In the BCE programme structure, a distinction is made between courses taken as part of a specialisation track [these are labelled (D)] and related fields or interdisciplinary courses labelled (S) for 'supplement'. (D) and (S) courses are assessed and weighted differently: the workload is higher for courses in your specialisation track than it is for supplementary courses (Interdisciplinary Framework and Related Fields); this difference is reflected in the number of ECTS credits awarded for the successful completion of the course.

(S) Courses: choose from Common Curriculum in European Cultures (= former Interdisciplinary Framework) and Related Fields (= Common Curriculum in European CulturesEtudes françaisesGermanistikHistory and Philosophy).


Year of Entry: 2019

Programme Structure

Please use the Organisation Chart and the Module Structure to plan your studies and track your progress.

Summer 2018-2019

Semester Lecture (hours)Exercise (hours)ECTS
Sociolinguistics (D/S)
Module 0120102022 3
Reading and Writing about Literature 2 (D)
Module 0220202022 4
Periods, Canons and Genres (D)
Module 0220203032 4
Grammar (D)
Module 0320302022 4
History of English Language (D)
Module 0320303032 4
English for Academic Purposes 2
Module 0420402022 3
Children's Fantasy Fiction since 1900 (D)
Module 0620603032 4
Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism (D)
Module 0720702022 4
Authoring the Self (D)
Module 0720703032 4
Victorian Literature (D)
Module 0820801012 4
Women's Writing (D)
Module 0820802022 4
Icons of Defiance (D)
Module 0920902022 4
Imagined Communities: Narrative and National Identities (S) (D)
Module 1021002022 4
American Studies 2: Identity and Diversity (D)
Module 1021003032 4
Edward Steichen and American Modernism (D)
Module 1121102022 4
European Modernisms (D)
Module 1121103032 4
Creative Writing (D)
Module 1121104042 4
Phonetics (D)
Module 1221202022 4
Multilingualism (D)
Module 1321301012 4
English Studies Conferences (Summer)
Module 2022003032 0
Research Seminar (Sem 4)
Module 0540501014 3
Research Seminar (Sem 6)
Module 0540502024 3
Portfolio (D)
Module 2062001016 6