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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

In contrast to many other universities, the average mark on your final transcript from secondary school is not our first criteria when it comes to admission. In fact, we are more interested in each applicant’s motivation. Therefore, in addition to the usual application documents, we require you to send us a detailed, personal motivation letter in either French or German.

Step 1: Online registration

If you want to apply for the BAP, you will first have to register online

For applicants from EU countries: If you want to take up your studies in winter semester 2020-2021, you can register online here from 1st March 2019 until 15 June 2020. Once you have filled in the online form, please print it and send it together with your other application documents to the University of Luxembourg Student Office (SEVE Admission) until  20 June 2020.

For applicants from non-EU countries: If you wish to begin your studies in  winter semester 2019/20, you can register online here from 15 January 2020 until 15 March 2020. Once you have filled in the online form, please print it and send it together with your other application documents to the University of Luxembourg Student Office (SEVE Admission) until  22 March 2020.

Step 2: Letter of motivation

Please make sure that your letter of motivation contains detailed information on the following points. Your letter of motivation should…

contain a full, commented description of both your school career and CV:

  • What was your school career like? Did it include a specialisation in the final years at secondary school? If so, which? Which subjects did you take at Higher level (as opposed to Standard level)? Please provide details on the course level and the results obtained in mathematics and biology in particular.
  • Have you been working as a volunteer or pursuing a professional activity after successfully completing secondary school (e.g. occupational area, temporary jobs, work placements/internships, “voluntary social year”? If so, what were they? Did any of the activities include working in the social / psychological sector?
  • How good are your language skills in French, German and English? If available, please enclose language certificates or other documents documenting your level.

state in detail the reasons for your personal interest in psychology:

  • Why do you plan to embark on an undergraduate course in psychology?
  • What made you want to study psychology?
  • What personal experiences do you already have in this area?
  • How and where did you try to find out more about psychology studies?
  • What are your personal expectations with regard to studying psychology?
  • What are your personal goals once you have been awarded your bachelor’s degree?
  • What would be your alternatives (e.g. in terms of other places of study or other disciplines)?

...  provide information on what you already know about the undergraduate course in psychology at the University of Luxembourg:

  • In your opinion, what are the main focuses of the psychology studies at the University of Luxembourg in terms of content?
  • With respect to the programme, in which subjects are you particularly interested?

...  include your reason(s) for making the undergraduate course at the University of Luxembourg your preferred choice.  

... include any other argument which could make your application successful:

  • What else should the selection committee in your opinion know about your wish to study psychology?

Step 3: Interview (does not apply to applicants who have either already been accepted or refused after step 2)

After a first pre-selection, applicants may be invited to an individual, multilingual interview. The invitation will be sent to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form. The interview allows us to discuss your reasons for choosing the BAP in more detail with you.

The selection interviews will take place in July 2020:

  • Week 1: 06.07-10.07.2020
  • Week 2: 13.07.-17.07.2020
  • Week 3: 20.07.-24.07.2020



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