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Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie - physique

> Teaching languages: English/Français

Since the academic year 2007/2008, the University of Luxembourg offers a complete Bachelor in Physics. The studies in question cover six semesters and fit perfectly into the framework of the Bologna process. Each successful semester is validated by 30 credits ECTS. The mobility clause provided by the law on the establishment of the University of Luxembourg requires the student to continue the fifth semester at a foreign university.

The moving abroad is facilitated by ERASMUS agreements with partner universities.

The student may also register in a integrated study course in Physics (Cursus intégré Sarre-Lor-Lux en physique) organized by the University Henri Poincaré in Nancy, Saarland University in Saarbrücken and the University of Luxembourg. This international study program, having the aim to combine a highly integrated scientific training to cultural and linguistic values, leads to diplomas at multiple seals

During the Bachelor training, the student becomes familiar with many mathematical tools and acquires basic knowledge in key areas of physics, so that by the end of the cycle he has a wide view of the whole discipline. At the same time he will receive basics of chemistry and computer science.

The training aims to develop the scientific rigor, critical thinking, precision and imagination of the student. Generally speaking, knowledge is transmitted in the course of lectures. The tutorials and practical work, placed throughout the training, are designed to enable students to deepen their theoretical knowledge and gain essential experimental skills. The student freely chooses a number of courses. Their goal is to be able to extend his general culture, for example by improving his language skills.

Training can lead as well to research and teaching as an multiple careers in the industrial world.

The first half of the training is open to all students who have successfully completed their secondary school in Luxembourg or equivalent studies abroad. The admission in future semester is treated by file.

After passing the sixth semester successfully at the University of Luxembourg, the student who has accumulated 180 credits is awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Science and Engineering - Physics Branch. This diploma allows either to integrate the world of work or to continue the studies with a Master.

Course director


Programme at a glance:

  • 6 semesters (180 ECTS)
  • Registration fees: 
    • 400 €/semester
       (semesters 1 & 2)
    • 200 €/semester
       (semesters 3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: French/English (B2 level for both)
  • Campus: Belval/Limpertsberg