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Bachelor in Computer Science

The computer systems of the future require highly skilled engineers who are able to invent, design, develop quality products. The first step of the training of such engineers must provide the bases on the three following main dimensions:

  • creativity,
  • science,
  • digital technologies

Any student who wishes to participate in the development of quality computer systems, can take our bachelor of computer training. He will be best prepared to continue his education with a master in science, which will open up the doors for engineering positions in prominent companies.

IT is an extremely dynamic sector with a relatively high rate of job offers with very good salaries. The evolution of the employment in this sector is heading towards high qualification positions (master level at least). This is even more true for countries whose economies are comparable to those of Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Germany.

This training is the greatest assurance for the student to continue his studies in master and PhD if desired. It also represents one of the best steps for students who wish to become teachers.

The scientific excellence of this program designed from ACM / IEEE CS 2013 standard is a guarantee for the student to be ready to enter the major international universities to continue his training or to remain at the University of Luxembourg to continue within our Master in Information and Computer Sciences (MICS).

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Candidates for admission in the first year are required to hold:

  • a Luxembourg diploma of general secondary education (the bachelor is adapted to the general curriculum and scientific branches B, C and D), or
  • an equivalent foreign degree recognised by the Ministry of National Education of Luxembourg.

The training offers a limited number of places. If necessary, the selection will be based on qualification file giving value to the candidate’s interest in science and information technology.

  1. Candidates for admission in the second year are not eligible before the school year 2018.
  2. Candidates for admission in the third year are not eligible before the school year 2019.
  3. Admission information for the second and third years, will be provided later on.


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Good to know: the university also provides two other bachelors of computer training:

the BINFO: professional bachelor designed to train IT professionals ready to integrate the labour market after completing the bachelor.

the BINFO FC: Continuing bachelor professional training for those who wish to combine work and studies. Details of this bachelor presents on the Chambre des salariés website

In the second year, students will spend a mobility semester abroad. Beyond the rewarding human experience, it is also an opportunity to broaden specific skills with courses not delivered locally. Erasmus agreements facilitating mobility, with for example a scholarship grant, are available with fifteen Universities in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, etc). According to the Universities, the language of study will be the language of the country or English. Students may also decide to organise their mobility themselves ("free mover") and go to the University of their choice, subject to the agreement of the director of studies on their training program.

The last semester includes a bachelor thesis realised in a research and development team of the university.

Students follow a multilingual training allowing them to practice and apply two languages in the frame of their IT projects. English is the main language and a second language can be chosen between French and German by the student. This language approach has the purpose to ensure that the student has a real effective capacity to work in a multilingual environment, as it exists, among others, in Luxembourg.

Course director


Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters (180 ECTS) including 1 mobility semester in a foreign country
  • Registration fees: 
    • 400€ /semester (1 & 2)
    • 200€ /semester (3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: English (Major), a second minor language freely chosen among french or german for some specific program courses.
  • Campus: Belval