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Bachelor en Sciences de la Vie - Biologie

Objectives :

The Bachelor in Life Sciences gives the students a solid base in biology as well as a good knowledge in the so-called hard sciences: chemistry, mathematics and physics. Many other scientific, general and cross-curricular teachings support this knowledge. The student will thus understand the fundamental unity of life and consistency of life sciences.

The first year of the Bachelor and the first year of medicine are in common, leading to a Certificate of Higher Education in Medical Sciences.

Learning Outcomes :

  • Understand and illustrate the fundamental principles and processes of biology, in the state of the art.
  • Identify the molecular, cellular and tissue architecture of a living organism (animal or plant), the basic principles of physiology involved, and interaction with its environment.
  • Use practical methods and techniques in chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics and computing, apply them to life sciences in order to solve scientific problems, alone or in groups, thus gaining autonomy in adapting to each new situation or professional challenge.
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative methods, manage risk and uncertainty, and analyze setbacks constructively.
  • Compile and use information from the literature in order to support one’s scientific demonstration.
  • Evaluate, interpret and criticise observations or experimental results
  • Present and communicate concepts in life sciences, both in writing or orally, in English or French, with the help of existing computer and electronic tools when needed.
  • Interact and communicate with peers as well as members of the civil society, while understanding, justifying and defending the ethical aspects of life sciences and their applications in the everyday life.
  • Use knowledge and acquired experience, specific and transversal, in order to progress in the academic studies at the Master level while developing autonomy and leadership in the field of life sciences.