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Bachelor in Engineering

Huawei Seeds for the Future 2018

Three bachelor students in engineering of the University of Luxembourg were granted the opportunity to take part in the "Huawei Seeds for the Future" programme. Muhamed Sabovic, Quentin Bebon and Vincent Bamberg were the lucky chosen-ones to participate in a two-week-journey in China. They share with us this outstanding experience.

How did you join the Huawei Seeds for the Future?

“What we basically had to do was sending our CV and a 3 minute-video in which we had to present ourselves and explain our motivation to participate in the program. After a first draft, we then had a face-to-face interview at Huawei Luxembourg. Some weeks later we got an email explaining that we were the once who would represent Luxembourg this year. The week before the departure, we had a kick-off ceremony in Brussels where we met our 10 Belgian comrades but also some of the 2017 Seeds who shared their experiences with us. We finally took off on July 13 from Luxembourg Airport and met the Belgian delegation in Frankfurt from where we continued our journey together to Beijing."

What did you do then, once landed? What were the activities planned for this two-week experience?

"We landed in Beijing in the early morning. Since the "Seeds for the Future program" includes almost all the countries in the world, we also met 20 other students, 10 of which were from the Netherlands and the other 10 were from Benin. Once the ‘BeBeNeLux’ was reunited, we started our weekend by doing sightseeing. We visited some of Beijing’s historic and cultural landmarks such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and the Summer palace. The week was dedicated to learning Mandarin (or at least try), culture, calligraphy and painting at the University in Beijing.

After this first enriching week we left Beijing on Saturday morning and continued our journey to Shenzhen. Here again, the weekend was dedicated to sightseeing during which we did some hiking, shopping but also visited the Splendid China Folk Village. During the week we had masterclasses at Huawei’s headquarters’ during which we have been trained in ICT, telecommunication, big data and 5G networks. We also did a practical during which we configurated our own 4G base station.

Finally, the end of the programme approached. We had a closing ceremony and took some last group pictures and selfies. The next day we drove to Hong Kong where we spent 6 hours before going to the airport and flying home."

What did you enjoy the most during your trip?

"You will probably ask us what we enjoyed the most during the trip. The answer is simple: everything. It is not easy to choose one particular moment because the whole experience was enriching and most certainly the best of our lives. We met beautiful people with whom we are still in touch, we had dinners with the Dutch and Luxembourgish ambassadors and also visited the BYD factory."

Would you like to say something to the students, who might be interested in the Huawei Seeds for the Future?

"To conclude this testimony, we wanted to tell you something. If you want to learn more about one of the most innovative companies in the world, grab your camera and start filming. You won’t regret it! It is a once in a lifetime experience which will give you another vision of the Future.”

Muhamed, Quentin and Vincent