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Bachelor in Engineering

Playing with big machines

On 24 May 2019, a group of students from the Bachelor in Engineering and the Master in Civil Engineering visited a construction site of the Luxembourgish company Karp-Kneip.

Karp-Kneip has a history in earth and road works for over 120 years and today is a regional leader in these activities, employing modern geospatial technologies for efficient workflows and accurate implementations.

The aim of the visit, which was arranged by Norman Teferle, Professor at the University of Luxembourg, and Mr. Roland Hopp, Head of technical service at Karp-Kneip, was to give students in civil engineering an opportunity to see and experience modern machine control systems using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or robotic total stations.

At the construction site, Mr. Christophe Latteur, Head of Topographie at Karp-Kneip, introduced the site and the instruments, including various GNSS equipment, total stations, terrestrial laser scanners and a survey drone. Then the topographie team demonstrated the machine control systems in a grader, excavator and a caterpillar with each student having the opportunity of sitting in a driver’s seat. “It is like playing a computer game with all the joysticks…” was one comment.

After the site visit, Mr. Christophe Latteur gave a presentation on the company and the various surveying related services it provides. Finally, students, academic staff and the Karp-Kneip team enjoyed lunch together.