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International Master of Science in Biomedicine

Student testimonials





Louise Chomel

“This Master offers the possibility to have precise and different scientific knowledge according to the specialties of each university. Luxembourg has allowed us to obtain a solid foundation in genomics and proteomics, as well as to acquire a methodology and scientific rigour that has been useful throughout the Master. In addition, the three diplomas give us a better chance of finding a job abroad in the future. What I have appreciated the most during these two years is the great richness and diversity of the teachings and the opportunity to interact with our teachers.”











Emérentienne Michelin

“Being a good scientist ask to be very adaptable. This tri-national master degree was a perfect way to develop this skill for me. I really enjoyed the combination of biology and computer sciences in Luxembourg, as well as the possibility to choose some optional courses in Strasbourg. In Mainz, we had the opportunity to discover neurobiology and immunology in very interactive courses due to the size of our group. During those two years I had the chance to experience different ways of teaching and to build very good relationship with the teachers because of our little number.”











Laetitia Minniti

“I chose this programme since it was international, taught in English and allowed me to study in three different countries (France, Germany and Luxembourg). Besides, the focus on biomedicine was very rewarding for me. I liked to discover the different ways of teaching in each country since the professors had different knowledge and experience. Thus, it enabled me to learn about new ways of thinking in biomedicine.” 











Amira Slama

“I chose this Master first of all because of the international experience. Travelling around three countries for my studies was a unique and fun adventure! I appreciated the diversity of the learning programme, with each country contributing in a different domain. I liked meeting new people, learning about the different cultures and having many practical projects in different labs."







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