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Master in Mathematics

The high-standard curriculum offered in the Master in Mathematics is based on the strong bonds between staff, students, alumni, alumni employers, the monitoring committee, and partners who welcome trainees.

Team Work

The Master in Mathematics is made possible thanks to the joint efforts of:

- The Department of Mathematics (DMATH)

- The Monitoring Committee (MC) composed of:

  • Course directors
  • Experts from industry, education and the financial sector
  • Professor, student and alumni representatives


Future Belval Campus

Belval Campus

Feedback from Peers

The Master in Mathematics is evaluated each year by the students, the DMATH, and the MC. Courses are also regularly adapted based on the feedback of alumni and their employers to further improve the course offer.

Active Students

The Master in Mathematics staff place you at the centre of their learning strategy where ‘learning by doing’ is key. You benefit from reading courses, student projects, student seminars and internships that naturally stimulate you to become the main actor in your education.

An Effective Tutoring System

You are strongly encouraged to approach staff at any moment. Our ‘open door’ tutoring system is not only to help you acquire more competences within a fixed time frame but it also provides a stimulating working environment.

Check out the full contact details of the staff you would like/need to meet:

Contact the Master in Mathematics for further information.

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