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Master in Mathematics

The Master in Mathematics is a flexible high-standard curriculum that is close to the real needs of the students and the job market. Devoted to excellence, it offers a great variety of advanced courses enabling you to choose from three career-driven options:

  •     General Mathematics
  •     Mathematical Modelling and Computational Sciences
  •     Financial Mathematics


Graduates of the programme are able to:

a) Master relevant mathematical methods, develop them and adapt them to new contexts

b) Demonstrate a sound understanding of several areas of advanced mathematis and their interrelationships

c) Analyse complex problems from other areas of science and technology, plan strategies and apply mathematical concepts and methods (pure and applied) to solve them

d) Apply a wide repertoire of probabilistic concepts, scientific computational techniques and engineering methodologies of modern financial and industrial mathematics to real-world problems, and formulate appropriate solutions

e) Address related areas of knowledge and recognise interconnections

f) Handle complex and unpredictable situations requiring new solutions and communicate the results clearly to and discuss with specialists and professionals

g) Initiate and conduct autonomous professional or scientific collaborations involving responsibility for the work and roles of others

h) Cooperate effectively in a team and work independently

i) Function professionally and demonstrate openness, dynamism, competence, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to take on a leadership role when necessary

j) Manage risks appropriately and deal with failures constructively

k) Continuously develop their own personal and professional qualities, including through lifelong learning and independent learning.