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Master in Mathematics

Video testimonial

Rebecca, Valnea, Julien, Steve and Hugo are sharing their personal experience and point of view about the Master in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg.



Alumni testimonials





Name: Steve Dias Da Cruz

Graduation year: 2018

Now: Associate Scientist and Applied Mathematician, IEE

“Due to the student projects, seminars and optional courses, I could gather experience in the topics I was most interested in while learning about general modern mathematical topics. During the internship and master thesis, I gained experience in a R&D department in the Luxembourgish industry, which helped me a lot to develop my skills and to decide my next career steps. Overall, the master programme prepared me very well for the contemporary demands of the industry and opened a lot of career opportunities.”





Name: Kevin Winkel

Graduation year: 2015

Now: Math teacher

“This Master programme grants an excellent working environment and is based on high level classes. Professors are constantly available to provide assistance and students work collaboratively to tackle problems. This programme has enlightened me to the numerous career opportunities mathematicians have, we are highly sought-after in today’s labour market because of our analytical and problem-solving skills.”