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Master in Mathematics

During the last half of the twentieth century, striking applications of Mathematics appeared in all natural sciences, even in behavioural and social sciences. From Life Sciences (DNA studies) to Information Technology (cellular phones, microprocessors, internet, GPS devices), from Theoretical Physics (fundamental structure of matter, gravitation, cosmos) to Geology (oil reserves), from Medical Technology (computerized axial tomography scanners) to Economics (stochastic and economic processes, finance markets), Mathematics had an ineradicable imprint on each part of modern science and everyday life.



Mathematics is thus, beyond its fascinating and challenging aspects, one of the disciplines that offer outstanding professional perspectives in business, finance, industry, research, education and more.

Graduates are hired because of their much-needed highly specialized knowledge, but also due to their mastery of mathematical methods, their competence to analyse problems in depth and to implement the most efficient solutions.

Possible Employers in Luxembourg

  • Secondary schools in Luxembourg (great demand – language courses, internships, pedagogy and didactics courses are part of the curriculum)
  • Financial sector in Luxembourg (great demand)
  • Luxembourgian industry (great demand – Delphi automotive systems, DuPont de Nemours, Goodyear, HITEC Luxembourg, IEE Luxembourg, etc.)
  • University of Luxembourg (good prospects for Ph.D. scholarships)
  • Luxembourgian public research centres
  • SES – Global Satellite Service Provider
  • Consulting companies
  • Commission de surveillance du secteur financier (financial sector supervisory commission)
  • Commissariat aux assurances (Luxembourg Insurance Commission)
  • Luxembourg Social Security
  • Insurance companies
  • Eurostat
  • Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (Luxembourg national statistics and economic research institute)

Of course, excellent career opportunities also exist outside Luxembourg.

Discover the Opportunities Available to Future Mathematicians

There are probably more professional opportunities than you would think for graduates in mathematics:


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