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Master in Secondary Education - Mathematics

At the end of the programme, the holder of a Secondary Education Diploma is able to :

  • Prove mastery of the relevant mathematical methods, further develop them and adapt them to new contexts;
  • Master the relevant pedagogical and didactic methods, develop them and adapt them to new contexts;
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of several fields of knowledge specific to the stream and grasp their correlation;
  • Manage multilingualism and multiculturalism in the classroom using appropriate pedagogical tools;
  • Cooperate effectively within a team and work independently;
  • Function professionally and demonstrate openness, dynamism, competence, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to take on a leadership role when necessary;
  • Manage risks appropriately and deal constructively with failures;
  • Continuously develop their own personal and professional qualities, including through lifelong learning and self-study;
  • Addressing related areas of knowledge and recognizing interrelationships;
  • Communicate contents/subjects accurately and effectively to both young students and the general public, as well as to an expert audience;
  • Undertake a career in secondary education in Luxembourg
  • Start a PhD in mathematics;
  • Undertake a career as mathematician, for example in industry or the finance sector.