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Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources

The Master of Science in Civil Enginering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources at the University of Luxembourg educates, not only the general civil engineer, but also has a focus on planning and construction of megastructures with the sustainable use of resources. The theme "sustainability" is increasingly important and the well-trained modern civil engineer must be able to judge and optimise civil structures and buildings in the context of the growing shortness of construction materials and energy resources. It is this focus on both themes, megastructures and sustainability, which sets us apart from other masters of civil engineering.







  • Degree: Master of Science in Civil Enginering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources
  • Duration: 2 year full-time programme / 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
  • Languages: English


Here are ten reasons for choosing this Master:

  • General Civil Engineer Education: Most large universities offer master programmes that focus on one specific civil domain only. This Master educates the generalists since they are more in demand from small and large organisations alike thanks to their total overview of large projects.
  • Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources: Bachelor engineers focus more on smaller projects, this Master educates engineers who want to focus on the more complex projects, and who realise that, in the future, construction materials and energy will become scarcer..
  • Top 200-ranked University: According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-16,  the University of Luxembourg is ranked 193 World wide.
  • Strong research unit: Our Master programme is taught by staff from the Department of Engineering (DES), one of the largest research units at the University of Luxembourg. In the last few years this department has pursued a strategy of hiring top professors from around Europe.
  • Ties to industry: For some applied courses the best teachers from industry are selected,  both the design project and the Master thesis can be done together with a company.
  • Individual supervision and small class sizes: We limit student intake in order to provide an optimal learning environment; the active participation of students during lectures is encouraged.
  • International and multi-cultural environment: Both students and faculty come from many different cultural backgrounds, which makes studying civil engineering in Luxembourg so much more exciting.
  • Quality of life in Luxembourg: In a recent survey by the Mercer Consultancy, Luxembourg was ranked 17th in terms of quality of living and the safest city among 215 capitals.
  • At the heart of Europe: Luxembourg is a short train ride away from cities such as Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt.
  • Low cost: There is only a € 200 tuition fee per semester for this Master programme.


  • Graduates can work world-wide as a civil engineer for engineering consultancies, contractors, dredgers, governmental and railway organisations
  • Doctoral Programme in Civil Engineering at the University of Luxembourg


  • Bachelor degree in engineering or related field
  • Students with other Bachelor degrees and good grades are encouraged to apply
  • Language: level B2 in English



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Programme at a glance:

  • Duration: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
  • Registration fees: 200 € / Semester
  • Languages: EN
  • Campus: Kirchberg (main), Belval
  • Application period: 
    • EU: February-July
    • Non-EU: February-April
  • Contact: