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Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources

Mandatory Prerequisite Courses

Students from the "bachelor professional" and "Fachhochschule" must upgrade their knowledge (either at the University of Luxembourg or somewhere else) in the subjects Analyses & Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Probabilistics & Statistics and Technical Mechanics (Dynamics) to the same level as offered in the "Bachelor academique en sciences et ingénierie".

This means, before starting the mandatory prerequisite (“foundation”) courses, the student will have to contact the course director to establish his/her pre-defined list of foundation courses to follow.

For more information on foundation courses, see

For example: for a "bachelor professional" student (BING-GCC) from the University of Luxembourg that he/she has an extra load of 30 ECTS foundation course minus 8 ECTS exemption (1st semester soil mechanics 4 ECTS and concrete 4 ECTS) = 22 ECTS extra in comparison to an academic student (BASI-GC). He or she can do this (partly) before or during the master.