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Master of Science in Engineering - Sustainable Product Creation

Education in complete product creation chain

The first unique feature of the Master of Science in Engineering is to educate the student in the complete process of product creation from the market segment specification and product planning, over product design and manufacturing, to product usage, service and maintenance.

Product Planning
and Management >

Product Design Calculation >

Product Manufacturing >

Product Usage,
Service and Recycling

  • Project management methods
  • Innovation management
  • Product planning
  • Marketing principles
  • Product costing
  • Virtual product design
  • Computer simulation
  • Design methodology
  • Innovation materials
  • Mechatronics
  • Life cyle assessement
  • Production technology
  • Quality systems
  • Lean management
  • Robotics as mecatronic application
  • Assembly technology
  • Recycling
  • Maintenance
  • Energy generation


Interdisciplinary engineering education

The Master will provide an interdisciplinary engineering education which covers both the mechanical engineering and mecatronic aspects of sustainable product creation. This allows the engineering student to gain a broad and profound knowledge of engineering skills.

Focus on energy, environment and sustainable growth

The Master of Science in Engineering aims to educate engineers who are conscious in the use of all resources, (e.g. energy efficiency, light weight design), but are also trained to develop products while minimizing the waste of e.g. material, space or labour. Educating students with the skills to efficiently use all resources will enable them to create products using sustainable methods. Every course contributes to the awareness that product creation should focus on the lean and sustainable use of all resources.


10 weeks internship during the Bachelor’s degree or before the 3rd semester of the master with industrial partners is mandatory.