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Master of Science in Engineering - Sustainable Product Creation


This Master enables students to acquire a good working knowledge of mechanical engineering covering the full product development process, and thus:

  • Understand the impact of market-directed product designs.
  • Create innovative designs.
  • Ability to apply different material properties.
  • Ability to design products and assess their durability as well as evaluating the durability of existing products.
  • Evaluate related manufacturing process alternatives.
  • Have a good understanding of the financial impact of engineering decisions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Plan, design and produce products in a sustainable fashion to meet market demand.
  • Apply techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools required in the engineering practice, develop solutions to unfamiliar problems and manage complexity.
  • Conduct experiments, identify, collect, interpret the required data and use his/her judgement and creativity to work with complex information.
  • Have the skills to transfer problem-solving techniques to new areas and integrate knowledge from different branches.
  • Communicate with co-workers verbally, graphically and in writing, using relevant and specific terms.
  • Ability to work within interdisciplinary teams and to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers on national and international contexts.
  • Assess the environmental, economic and societal implications of his/her decisions in both corporate and global context.
  • Have the requisite mindset to take on leadership roles
  • Develop his / her continuing education in engineering and as a member of the society.
  • Ability to cope with ambiguity and operate in a fast changing competitive business environment.