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Master of Science in Physics

On the front stairs of the Bâtiments des Sciences

On the front stairs of the Bâtiment des Sciences

Study physics and improve your language skills!

A multilingual learning experience is awaiting you in Luxembourg.

All physics classes are delivered in English by international researchers coming from around the world.

You will be in regular contact with students coming from various countries. Students from over 100 nationalities come to study at the University of Luxembourg: you will definitely be working in a cosmopolitan environment.

Yet further language practice is encouraged:

  • mobility opportunities enable binational graduation in physics;
  • practice your skills at the University’s Language Centre.


Why not graduate from several universities during your Masters?

The University of Luxembourg is part of the University of the Greater Region (Uni-GR) network. Master students wishing to study physics on the spot in French or German can benefit from the partnerships set up by the University of Luxembourg.

You have the opportunity to study physics during semesters 3 and 4 in the Greater Region:

You will in turn be graduating from all the universities where you studied during your Masters and get a binational diploma.


Join optional language courses

You can also attend language courses at the University of Luxembourg Language Centre (ULLC) to improve your language skills.

Courses are open to registered students of the University of Luxembourg and its exchange students for a limited fare per semester per language class.

Mother tongue linguists are teaching French, German, English, Luxembourgish and Multilingual courses covering academic, professional or general purposes every semester on all campuses.