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Lifelong Learning

The University of Luxembourg is strengthening the transmission of academic knowledge to the world of business through lifelong learning. Its purpose is also to contribute to economic, social and cultural development as well as full employment.

More specifically, the role of the University of Luxembourg is to:

  • Provide continuing education in the University of Luxembourg’s areas of expertise from research-derived knowledge;
  • Propose training attuned to the needs of society in the Luxembourg or the Greater Region;
  • Ensure that lifelong learning provided have a quality assurance system.

Lifelong learning at the University of Luxembourg is intended for individuals, employees, job seekers and professionals. They can acquire a diploma or a new qualification, access to higher education or undergo training for a cultural purpose. The University of Luxembourg also works with companies and organizations wishing to help their personnel or employees advance in their careers.




Study Computer Science at the l'University of Luxembourg


Teaching languages



Bachelor en Informatique en Formation Continue (p)


English, French



Certificate - Smart ICT for business innovation (p)





Master en Management de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (p)


English, French






Study Life Sciences at the University of Luxembourg





Certificate - Principles of Biobanking





Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice





European Master of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine (p)







Study Economics and Management at the University of Luxembourg





Executive Programme in Wealth Management





Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (p)





Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (p)








Study Finance at the University of Luxembourg





Master of Science in Banking and Finance (p)





Master in Wealth Management (a)








Study Law at the University of Luxembourg






Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance (p)


English, French with translation





Study Humanities at the University of Luxembourg





Formation continue en Langue, Culture et Société Italiennes


Italian, French



Formation Continue « Lëtzebuerger Sprooch a Kultur »


German, Luxembourgish






Study Psychology at the University of Luxembourg





Master in Psychotherapy (p)


English, French, German






Study Social Sciences at the University of Luxembourg





Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation





Formation Continue en Aménagement du Territoire


French, German



Master en Gérontologie (p)


French, German



Master en Médiation (p)








Study Social Sciences and Education at the University of Luxembourg





Bachelor en sciences sociales et éducatives en cours d'emploi (p)


German, French



Master in Management und Coaching im Bildungs- und Sozialwesen (p)


German, French



Zertifikat Lerncoaching (p)


German, French, Luxembourgish



Zertifikat Tutoring/Mentoring im Bildungsbereich


French, German


(a) = academic master
(p) = professional master