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Citizen participation for more sustainable water governance

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Published on Thursday, 05 September 2019

Registrations are open for the WaterBlitz’19 Luxembourg

Researchers at the University of Luxembourg and their partner Earthwatch are inviting citizens in Luxembourg to participate in the WaterBlitz ‘19, a four-day event to test surface water and support research for more sustainable water governance.

During the weekend of 20 - 23 September, participants can test freshwater resources in Luxembourg such as rivers, ponds and lakes. The University and Earthwatch will provide participants with three tools: A water testing kit with information leaflet, the application FreshWater Watch to record the test results and the web platform, on which the data can be accessed.

With this event, researchers work towards a more sustainable water governance. “Our objective is to gather as much data as possible to get a high-resolution overview of water quality in rivers, lakes and streams throughout Luxembourg,” explains Karl Pickar, PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg leading the project. “This enables us to generate new knowledge for scientists, citizens and policy-makers, and to foster experience-based learning.” In addition, the WaterBlitz provides citizens with information about their local environment and empowers them to participate in research for more sustainable water governance.

How does it work?

Participants need to register on the webpage of Earthwatch until Sunday 15 September to receive their free water testing kit. The kit handout explains the data collection process in detail. Elements that are tested include nitrates and phosphates. For more information on freshwater ecosystems please visit the website of FreshWater Watch.

This autumn’s WaterBlitz will run from 20 - 23  September. It is one of four concurrent events, with the others happening in London, Paris and Dublin.