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University celebrates excellence in doctoral education in 2021

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Published on Monday, 20 December 2021

The University held its annual PhD graduation Ceremony on 17 December on Belval Campus. Over 150 doctoral candidates graduated from the University’s four doctoral schools. The ceremony honoured the doctoral and award-winning graduates who received their diplomas and awards on stage, in presence of family and guests.

“Today we celebrate your achievements as researchers and the paths that are open to you. They are as varied and numerous as you'd like. On the path that begins today for you, do not hesitate to dream. The world desperately needs more dreamers. Of course, do not stop at the dream, but make the best of it. This is the part for which your education, and all the resilience you have developed, have prepared you, said Rector Prof. Stéphane Pallage.

The keynote speech “Graduated. And Now? How about working on a “Wicked problem?”” was given by Prof. Rudi Balling, former Director of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. He offered his views on how the most complex of problems, identified by interactions between social and natural systems, uncertainty, unintended consequences; long delay impact and by costly and uncertain returns, need solutions based on justice, trust and understanding. He urged future academics to look beyond their field and work to create a bridge between natural sciences and the humanities.

List of all graduated doctorants

Excellent Thesis Awards

The University of Luxembourg conferred Excellent Thesis Awards doctoral graduates who demonstrated excellence, originality and depth of knowledge in their thesis.

17 graduates from the Doctoral School of Science and Engineering (DSSE), the Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management (DSEFM), the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences (DSHSS) and the Doctoral School of Law received this award. Ten of the 17 award winners are female candidates.

Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE)

  • Jérémy Dauphin
  • Khouloud Gaaloul
  • Alireza Haqiqatnejad
  • Susana Martinez Arbas
  • Cosme Milesi-Brault
  • Yamila Omar
  • Martin Stöhr
  • Cui Su
  • Emiliano Torti
  • Valentino Vigneri
  • Hannah Wurzer

Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences (DSHSS)

Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management (DSEFM)

Doctoral School of Law

Special Awards

The Fondation Auguste Laval Prize was awarded to Tài Nguyen, Doctor in Physics in the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering - Doctoral Programme in Physics and Materials Science, for his thesis on “magnetoelectric thin-film composites for energy harvesting applications”.

Watch the ceremony recording

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