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Delegate for reasonable adjustments

Following the introduction of the new law in July 2018, Joanna West was designated as Chair of Reasonable Adjustment Committee.

In this capacity, she is also a member of the University Council (with a consultative vote).

Her role is established by Art. 11 of the law and includes the creation and presidency of the committee for reasonable adjustments following Art. 38 and 39 of the same law, composed of a member of the rectorate, a programme director by faculty, two members of the student delegation, nominated by the University council.

The goal of the committee is to work together to ensure the necessary and appropriate modifications are in place to support students with a specific need concerning their studies and their personal well-being.

The committee is composed as follows:

Consultative votes:

The Committee is dedicated to fostering inclusion throughout the 3 campuses - in classrooms, offices, residence halls, laboratories, and every other place where people learn, research and work. The Committee will endeavor to advance the University of Luxembourg’s commitment to a respectful and barrier-free working and learning environment.

As part of this work, the Committee invites staff, students and partners to work in collaboration to promote a culture of inclusivity.

Learn more:

Please first read the FAQ below for more information about Reasonable Adjustments. If you would like more information or would like to discuss your situation please send an email to: contact.car@uni.lu

FAQ coming soon.


Joanna West
Team Leader of Student Services
Katja Kümpel