The University of Luxembourg’s mission as a young research university is to achieve the highest standards of international excellence in research and teaching, while also fully meeting its distinctive responsibilities as the country’s sole public institution of higher education.

Like other Universities, it is committed to inviolable foundational principles of human dignity, liberty, equality and rigorously protects academic freedom. The University of Luxembourg endorses a climate of free and open discussion and encourages critical thinking and defends the autonomy of both students and researchers as necessary foundations of an innovative and knowledge-based society and economy. It provides a unique forum for the development of the cultural, political and social dialogues that are the lifeblood of a mature democracy.

  • The University of Luxembourg supports both fundamental and applied research as central to its mission. The production of knowledge, which will always remain the prime mission of a university, implies creativity enhancing conditions allowing a focus on the essentials, as it needs the freedom to experiment and to devise innovative, special and disruptive solutions. Beyond disciplinary approaches, interdisciplinarity is a cornerstone of the institution’s research profile. As a young university, the University is particularly well placed to foster innovative new areas of research, breaking conventional disciplinary boundaries.
  • The University of Luxembourg attracts excellent students and staff who take advantage of its location in the heart of Europe, its first-class infrastructure, its proximity to economic and political decision-makers and to the European institutions. It provides the services and structures that assure quality teaching and research, offers individual tutoring and enables international academic mobility. The University students and staff have the opportunity to develop the skills, judgement and independence necessary to be engaged citizens and to assume active leadership roles in societal and economic life.
  • As an important actor in Luxembourg’s societal and economic life the University promotes an academic and scientific culture that serves and strengthens the country and its position in Europe and beyond. The University develops activities in fields that contribute to priority areas of national social and economic development, for the benefit of the competitiveness of Luxembourg.

Embedded in a culturally diverse environment, the University of Luxembourg is a unique laboratory of intercultural collaboration and institution building. It is a European hub for research and teaching and well integrated in a framework of international partnerships. Its multilingualism is an important characteristic of the University, enriching both teaching and research through the unique plurality of perspectives that it embeds in the culture of the institution.