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Chargé de Mission for the external evaluation

Michel Margue, Professor of History at the FLSHASE, in charge of the follow-up of the second full evaluation (2014-2015), has been appointed “chargé de mission” for the external evaluation 2016-2017.

“External evaluations of universities are often criticised since they are subjective and time-consuming. Besides the fact that the law of the University of Luxembourg stipulates an evaluation exercise every fourth year, the self-evaluation process is an opportunity for a collective institutional self-reflection and the external report by “a critical friend” will help quality improvement and create capacity for change. My objective as a senior advisor of the rector is to make sure that the evaluation process will target these two objectives. More precisely, I will supervise and organise the institutional part of the external evaluation by the European University Association’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP). I will coordinate the work of the self-evaluation group of our university, finalise the self-evaluation report, organise the site visits of the IEP evaluation team and ensure the close cooperation with the vice-president for research (for the evaluation of research), the Ministry and the IEP respectively.”