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Committee Work - External Evaluation Committee

External Evaluation Committee

The External Evaluation Committee carries out the detailed scoring and ranking for all applications received. This is done through a multistep process, i.e.:

• Individual members of the External Evaluation Committee review the documentation, assess each application against the criteria for each area of assessment, and conduct an initial, individual scoring exercise based on consideration of the applicant’s documentation and referee letters and using the band scoring as laid out in the subsection Individual scoring.

• The External Evaluation Committee convenes to review initial scoring, review input from the Internal Promotion Review Committee, and, as necessary, interview the applicants or any persons it deems appropriate. The Committee may request additional referee letters.

• The External Evaluation Committee re-evaluates all input and assesses each applicant’s application against the established criteria. For each applicant, the Committee delivers its opinion regarding the quality of each application using the band scoring system and taking into account the selected weighting. Based on the overall score outcome, the Committee assigns a relative ranking among the applicants for each level. The opinion is detailed in a written report delivered to the Rector. All applicants and Deans/Directors are informed that the opinion has been rendered and delivered to the Rector.