In order to carry out its objectives, the governance model for managing the University of Luxembourg extends across several authorities and committees. The Regulations for Internal Management of the University of Luxembourg stipulates in particular the way in which these authorities and committees should be run.

The Board of Governors decides upon the University's general policies and strategies and controls the University’s activities. It is made up of 7 members, at least 4 of whom currently shall hold, or have held, a position of responsibility within a university. Mr Yves Elsen is Chairman of the Board as at 29th July 2016. The University President, the Government Commissioner, a representative from the Teaching Body and a Students' Representative participate on equal terms in a consultative capacity at meetings held by the Board of Governors.

The Rectorate is the executive body of the University of Luxembourg and consists of:

It is also supported by:

  • Prof. Dr Massimo Malvetti, Secretary to the Board of Governors and Senior Advisor to the Rectorate acting as Secretary General and Responsible for Scientific and Technical Culture;
  • Anne Christophe, Deputy Secretary to the Board of Governors.

A Scientific Consultancy Commission, established by the Rectorate, is consulted on a certain number of issues, particularly those relating to the direction of research policies and educational programs.

The Gender Delegate, Prof. Dr Tonie van Dam, advices and supports the Rectorate in the implementation of gender issues within the University. As manager responsible for people with special needs, Artur Limbach-Reich also provides support to the Rectorate on these issues.

The University Council assists the Rectorate with the drafting of a multi-annual development plan and considers educational and scientific matters relating to the University.

Course units, particularly those for Bachelors degree and Masters degree courses, as well as research units, are expanding within each of the three faculties:



The Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (Dean: Paul Heuschling)

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (Dean: Katalin Ligeti)

The Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (Dean: Georg Mein)



The deans of each faculty are the natural contact people for the Rectorate on all faculty-related issues. The faculties can refer to the faculty boards to discuss various matters, such as, for example, the proposal of new courses, the granting of authorisation to manage research and more generally, the development policy that the faculty would like.