Communications Department

The Communications Department of the University of Luxembourg is in charge of:

We are glad to help visitors find relevant information and arrange interviews and visits for journalists.

Either an academic or a researcher at the University of Luxembourg, please forward us student projects, events or success stories in education or research, research outcomes, upcoming publications or personal awards.

Please contact the Communications Department with any query you may have about our University.


Jean-Paul Hoffmann
Head of Communications

Laura Bianchi
Press relations advisor
Martina Maria Christen
Web editor
Diana Costa Prata Amaral
Audio-visual specialist
Carole Dessart
Support de la promotion des études
Alexandra Foretova
Communication officer
Aswin Lutchanah
Social media specialist
Anastasia Mouzard-Teickner
Marketing advisor
Julia Thome
Communication advisor
Lydie Tremblet
Audio-visual specialist
Dorothée Warnant
Administrative Assistant
Solange Wirtz
Event Organization Specialist