Finance and Accounting Department

The Finance and Accounting Department (SFC) actively participates in steering the University. SFC accounts for its operations and manages the planning and reporting of its activities in order to provide information about the financial and accounting health of the University, to assist the decision by highlighting relevant data and to allow the University to best use its financial resources.

SFC different activities are organised as follows:

Accounting unit:

  • Front office - Handling questions and requests for information, processing invoices received by email and payment reminders
  • Back office - Handling incoming accounting documents, processing general and analytical accounting operations, issuing customer invoices and preparing payments
  • Closing office - Processing year-end operations, tax declarations (VAT, intrastat), preparing annual accounts and balance sheets, assisting statutory audits and the Court of Auditors

Finance unit: Management of cash and banking operations

Financial Planning and Controlling unit: Budget planning and controlling of budget execution, rules and procedures, budget reporting

Tax unit: Handling any tax-related issue (TVA, etc.) concerning the University

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the SFC Front Office via

Information for the University suppliers:

Please note that following email address is to be exclusively used to forward us electronic invoices (PDF-format) and payment reminders.

Registered address


Invoicing address


Tax and legal IDs

Université du Luxembourg

2 avenue de l'Université

L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette


Université du Luxembourg

Service Finances et Comptabilité

2 avenue de l'Université

L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette


N° TVA (EORI) : LU19805732

N° RCS : J20

N° NACE : 85420 (Ens. Supérieur)


The University of Luxembourg is a public institution ruled by the University founding law (loi du 12 août 2003 modifiée par la loi du 27 juin 2018)

Contact details for the students:

Please note that the SEVE Student Administration is your exclusive point of contact at the University for all matters related to your enrolment and university accommodation (including payment of enrolments, rent, refunding of deposits, etc.).

The SEVE service is the place to go for advice, support and information.

The Student Administration team can currently only be reached by e-mail: 

Armand Vanhee
Head of Finance and Accounting Department
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