Office of doctoral studies

The Office of Doctoral Studies (BED) centralises all procedures and communication (application for acceptance of a PhD student, reports, recommendations, request for defense, etc.) related to the path of a doctoral student.

The BED is the intermediary between the thesis supervisor, the doctoral student and the rectorate.

The responsibilities of the BED include, among others:

  • student file management
  • student status management
  • relationship with the services of the University (Human Resources, Accounting, etc.)
  • follow-up of the thesis supervisory committee's action
  • organisation and follow-up of the thesis defense
  • assurance of the durability of the thesis (preservation and respect of the legal duration of reproduction, consultation and communication to the public)
  • monitoring of the compliance with procedures
  • the establishment of agreements for the joint supervision of thesis (the so-called “cotutelles”)

The BED also manages the transferable skills training courses, open to all PhD students.

More information on our pages dedicated to doctoral education or by email at the following address:

13 March 2020 - Important note for doctoral candidates

The Office of doctoral studies remains at your disposal via email and phone, but we will open only on appointment as of Monday 16 March 2020, until further notice. Please send an email to before coming to our office on Campus Belval, in order to request an appointment. Please also specify the reason you would like to see us in person (in order to define how your request can be handled best).

Anja Lenninger
Team Leader of Office of Doctoral Studies

Anne Begue
Study/Doctoral Training Programme Specialist
Sarah Cavelius
Study/Doctoral Training Programme Specialist
Jessica Giro
Student Officer
Céline Lecarpentier
Project Officer
Cécilia Messager
Student Officer
Lise Vilar-Tena
Student Officer