Vice-rector for research

Prof. Dr. Simone Niclou took office as vice-rector for research of the University of Luxembourg on 1 March 2023.

The vice-rector for research is responsible for the University’s research vision, strategy and agenda as well as for evaluation and improvement of research quality and output. Other key responsibilities include the strengthening of interdisciplinary and innovation initiatives, and doctoral education. She represents the University in national and international scientific committees and organisations and establishes relations with relevant public and industry players.

The vice-rector for research leads the “Research support department” and the “Office of doctoral studies”.

The team of the vice-rector for research’s office consists of Dr. Sylvie Fromentin (strategic projects coordinator), Heike Scheuerpflug (head of the research support department) and Anja Lenninger (coordinator of the office of doctoral studies).

Prof. Dr. Simone Niclou
Vice-rector for research

Sylvie Fromentin
Project Manager
Anja Lenninger
Team Leader of Office of Doctoral Studies
Heike Scheuerpflug
Head of Research Support Department