My Name if FX FLOTTERER and I am FSTC Students Representative at the University Council as well as Student Representative at the FSTC Faculty Council for around 2 years. I am also member of the CEST since 4 years now. I finished last year the Bachelor of Informatics and now, I’m enrolled in the Master MSSI (Management de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information).

When I arrived at the FSTC, I was surprised to see that there was basically no student association, nor representatives.

I first joined the CEST and with a great team at that time, we revived it; then when I had the opportunity, I became Student Representative.

Role and Objective:

For me, there is 2 parts in the role of Student Representative.

  • First, making sure that the students interests are respected in the decisions taken at the faculty and university level.
  • Second, I see the student representative as a problem solver.

Means and Results:

People that know me knows that I don’t believe in nice speech but in concrete actions, and that representatives must be accountable of their work!

I’ve been working mostly with the Dean, the Vice-Dean, the Quality and Process Officer, the academic secretary, as well as teachers and Course Director, and last but not least, with the CEST and the students.

Together, we could achieve quite important and visible projects, such as:

  • the student feedback and discussion forum=> a forum accessible only by students and the QPO (no teacher, course director, etc…) to give students an opportunity to raise their concerns, give feedback, or just discuss about the faculty in general
  • the suggestion boxes, at the entrance of the faculty (right after the automatic doors) and in from of the CEST lounge to provide any completely anonymous feedbacks
  • we have meeting with the QPO, academic secretary and CEST roughly every 1,5 month or more often when it’s needed to discuss about possible solutions related to the feedback we got from these previous ways
  • I’ve been involved in thenew tool for the course evaluation, LISTORES, and ensured that the evaluations are completely anonymous, as well as report available only after jury sessions
  • peer tutoring => together with the CEST, the QPO and the participation of several teachers and Course Directors, we started a small pilot project of peer tutoring in BINFO, then we extended this project also to BING, and students are really happy to receive help from their peer for difficult courses.
  • this page => well, as IT student, I wanted to have an official page on If you students would also like to contact us via a dedicated website and / or facebook, just tell us!

I have been also involved in less visible actions, mostly related to the Faculty Council. For example, we worked a lot about the quality assessment of the faculty itself and the programmes themselves. We are still working on new regulation regarding assessment of the students, mainly the exams, and this subject is a tough one!


You can contact me via the moodle, via my email addresse ( /, via the student feedback forum on the moodle or if I’m there, just by passing by the CEST Lounge.