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LuxCube Satellite Seminar

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Event date: Tuesday, 11 December 2018 05:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Place: Université du Luxembourg
Campus Kirchberg, room D17


  • Satellite flight dynamics

Matteo Aquilano, Flight Dynamics Engineer, SES

  • Satellite Attitude determination and control

Edoardo Cocci, ADCS & Propulsion engineer, SES

  • Microsatellite solutions – Out of Luxembourg to Space

Moser Hubert, Head of Microsatellite solutions, Luxspace

About LuxCube

Having primary educational objective, LuxCube project aims to provide hands-on satellite-build experience to students. They will learn to design, build, test, and operate space hardware. LuxCube design complies with one unit CubeSat standards of 10x10x10cm in size and a maximum weight of 1.33kg. LuxCube secondary mission objectives are i) image the Earth’s surface, particularly Luxembourg, ii) technology demonstration, test and evaluate the performance of thin-film solar cells developed by the UL Photovoltaics Laboratory and iii) evaluate the flight data collected from the subsystems for future CubeSat’s designs.


No registration needed. Further information: edder.rabadan@uni.lu

Link: https://luxcube.uni.lu
Data: LuxCube_Satellite_seminar_11Dec2018.pdf 1.00 MB