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MASSENA Young Scientist Conference 2021

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Event date: Thursday, 24 June 2021 08:30 am - Friday, 25 June 2021 06:00 pm
Place: Sport Hotel Leweck
L-9378 Lipperscheid

The MASSENA Young Scientist Conference 2021 is organised for PhD candidates, post-doctoral candidates and early stage researchers working in the field of physics and materials science.

Materials for Sensing and Energy Harvesting (MASSENA) is a doctoral programme funded in the framework of PRIDE scheme by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). The University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) host it jointly. The Young Scientist Conference is organised by the PhD students in this programme. 

The MASSENA Young Scientist Conference is designed on the foundation of MASSENA and will be divided into four major themes viz:

  • Electronics sensors and energy harvesters
  • Strain sensors and energy harvesters
  • Bio-sensing
  • Electronics structure theory
Link: https://massenaysc2021.uni.lu/