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MIS Public Lecture Series: Migration, Diversity, Conviviality

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Speaker: Gabriella Sanchez, European University Institute (WEBEX)
Event date: Thursday, 26 November 2020 05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

Migration and Inclusive Societies (MIS) invites you to join our public lecture series this fall. We will access the field of Migration Studies by focusing on the concept of conviviality, a term that has gained some importance in the Humanities and the Social Sciences as well as in public debate in the last 10 to 15 years. It refers to the Latin verb con-vivere in its primary sense of “living together”, and its use reflects a renewed interest in the conditions, modalities and possibilities of living together, especially in culturally complex societies/contexts resulting from migration. The notion of conviviality reflects a critical attitude vis-à-vis important cultural approaches to migration such as multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism or creolization and dichotomous thinking implicit in sociological concepts like inclusion, integration and social cohesion.

Renowned guest speakers will give the public lectures either online over Webex or in person. We will also live stream the lectures via the Media Centre’s youtube channel. Depending on the respective situation of each lecture, you will have the following options to attend. Please check the MIS-website frequently as changes might occur until the last minute:

On site: Maison du Savoir, Room 3.510 (max. capacity 40 people)
Remote: WEBEX / Meeting PW: 1234
Watch live on Media Centre’s youtube channel

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