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Student survey notes high satisfaction level at University

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Published on Friday, 15 May 2020

A survey conducted in the fall of 2019 notes a generally high satisfaction level among students with the University of Luxembourg. The overall satisfaction index stands at 3.79 on a scale ranging from one (“not satisfied”) to five (“very satisfied”). 29% of the student population participated in the survey, a response rate within the standard range of comparable surveys.

72% of students are either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their university experience. 87% of students would recommend the University of Luxembourg as a place for studying to others. These are encouraging results for a young institution that aims to become even more student-centric in the future.

The highest levels of satisfaction are registered for housing (72%), academic support (69%), learning resources (69%), communication (68%) and the application phase (67%). Study programmes receive solid satisfaction ratings, ranging from 62% for content to 56% for organisation and 53% for assessment and feedback.

Lack of satisfaction is also apparent in some areas. 37% of respondents are satisfied with the visibility of support services. 31% are satisfied with the way the students’ voice can be heard within the institution. And 34% believe that the University campuses would gain from an injection of additional student life.

The University rectorate is committed to work towards further enhancing the University experience in the future. Together with the student community, numerous recommendations from the survey will be explored and developed to make the University of Luxembourg an even better place to study, to improve its extra-curricular activities and to further develop its infrastructure and facilities.

Prof. Catherine Léglu, Vice-Rector Academic Affairs will oversee an action plan that will involve the student community through consultation forums. The aim is to engage in a highly inclusive discussion where the students’ voice is heard. These consultation forums will be organised in the first semester of 2020/2021.