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University takes the pulse of fundamental schools’ personnel

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Published on Monday, 15 November 2021

The Department of Education and Social Work of the University of Luxembourg is conducting a national survey of all primary school teachers and educators in Luxembourg.

From 8 November to 17 December 2021, a questionnaire is available online to allow those involved in fundamental schools to express their viewpoints.

The national consultation is coordinated by Dr Christophe Dierendonck, senior lecturer at the Department of Education and Social Work at the University. The survey allows teachers and educators to voice their perception and conception of their profession, describe their work practice and the major difficulties they encounter.

The participants are also invited to express their views on the policies and measures implemented since the 2009 school reform (organisation in cycles, competency-based approach, differentiation of teaching practices, formative evaluation, school development plan, assessments, lengthening of cycles, collaborative practices, etc.).

The consultation is the first phase of this participative scientific study. The second phase of the study, to be conducted in spring 2022, will focus on analysing the findings of the consultation. To this end, several thematic workshops will be organised, bringing together the various education stakeholders in Luxembourg.

In order to identify solid and representative findings from which concrete recommendations can be derived, the University is encouraging all teachers and educators to take part in this national consultation.

The results will be published in two independent reports: a scientific report written by the university team and a thematic report prepared by the Observatoire national de la qualité scolaire (ONQS), the sponsor of the study. The results of the study will be presented to the Parliament and then made public on the website www.onqs.lu.

For more details: consultation.ef@uni.lu