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Highschool students explore the University of Luxembourg

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Published on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Some 200 highschool and prospective university students from Luxembourg and the Greater Region are expected to explore the University of Luxembourg these days as part of a “Test the University” initiative on Belval Campus. The orientation programme provides prospective students from 28 to 31 October with a hands-on experience of student life.

Prospective students can attend first year lectures and various seminars throughout the week: “Lectures in medicine, psychology, law and economics are particularly popular,” says Carole Dessart, who supports study promotion.

Some participants use the occasion to try and come to terms with the general concept of studying. Others already have a rather clear idea about the degree they may want to pursue in the future, and they want to use the opportunity to participate in classes to confirm their interests. Richa, a highschool student from Thionville, signed up for classes in psychology as well as English studies. “I want to experience what it’s like to study. I know that I’m good in languages. I’m interested in psychology as well, but I am not sure yet what I want to do after I finish school,” Richa explains. Her first impression of Belval Campus is positive: “It’s much more modern than the university in the city where I come from. I like that.”

“Trial days like these have proven to be extremely helpful for students’ decision-making. The positive feedback we have received so far is very encouraging. We believe it is a valuable service to students which we hope to expand in the future,” Carole Dessart adds.