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Hybrid teaching mode at start of summer semester

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Published on Monday, 15 February 2021

The University of Luxembourg returns to hybrid teaching mode at the start of the summer semester on 15 February 2021. Small groups of students can attend in-person classes and lab work, while large groups are taught remotely.

All students should refer to the information provided by professors and lecturers. Additional information can be found on this webpage.

In the context of more highly infectious variants which are circulating, the University asks all students and staff to be prepared to revert to remote teaching at very short notice if the situation so requires.

The return to hybrid mode also comes with tightened security and safety measures. Masks should be worn by all at all times in the classrooms. Members of staff are asked to wear masks in shared offices in the presence of a second person. Given the more highly infectious new strands of the virus, the University recommends the use of surgical masks.

For additional information, please also consult the health and safety guidelines.