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Internationality shapes the University

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Published on Tuesday, 17 November 2020

17 November 2020 marks the International Students’ Day, a celebration of multiculturalism of international students.

The University of Luxembourg is proud to attract students from all over the world. It counts 3,760 (56%) international students among 6,714 total students and gathers 129 different nationalities.

In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, the University of Luxembourg was ranked #3 for its international outlook. Last year, the University was ranked #1.

The University celebrates the rich culture and diversity our international students bring to the campuses, as well as the positive impact of their work during their time here and in what they do in the future across the world.

The University is committed to creating global citizens. And while global exchange and mobility has become increasingly difficult since the start of the pandemic, the University is committed to building bridges.

“International experience is at the heart of the University of Luxembourg. It enriches our teaching and our student life. Even during the pandemic, despite the forced cancellation of many of our outgoing mobility placements, we have welcomed incoming visiting students.  Of course, many of our international students stayed here and are continuing their studies. We look forward to a return, in the near future, to the vibrant international student life of this University,” says Catherine Léglu, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the University.

Six international students, one from each continent of the world, share their experience of studying at the University of Luxembourg.


Mikael Da Silva, USA/Brazil, Bachelor in Business Management


“From the first glance I was just amazed by the institution, as well as the support and level of education it offered. I can truly say I was very surprised by the acceptance and understanding of the entire University of international students – starting with most of the teachers and staff not allowing the language barrier to stop them from helping and guiding their students to success.”



Erika González Gutiérrez, Mexico, Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

“I chose the University of Luxembourg for three main reasons: the high quality of the programmes and professors, the multicultural environment and the support the University provides for the students to achieve their goals with an extensive set of events and resources outside of the classrooms. So far and even with COVID-19 restrictions, I have had an incredible experience, school activities have been adapted successfully to our new normality. I must admit it is hard not being in the classroom, but we have managed to adapt and still get to know everyone in our classes and make new friends. I still have a lot to explore in Luxembourg and I am really looking forward to it.”



Saroj Neupane, Nepal, Master in Civil Engineering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources


“I chose to go to University of Luxembourg because I like being part of diverse student group. In terms of experience, I might just run out of words. The University of Luxembourg not only encourages me to be academically strong but also teaches me to be a better person in life. Taking courses, seminars and sitting in different workshops has boosted my leadership quality, the approachability towards others and certainly the inner confidence in me which indirectly aids me to be a better construction manager which I desire to pursue after the completion of my course.”


Nicola Theis, Germany, Bachelor in Psychology

“The University of Luxembourg combines an international, multilingual environment with a very personal atmosphere in an absolutely unique way. I also love the modern architecture on campus and the University's location in the middle of Europe - in a small country, but very close to many others. I really feel like the University makes a big effort to bring people from different countries together. Even though it's sometimes a step out of your comfort zone to talk to someone in a different language, the friendliness and openness of all the people here makes everyone feel like he or she fits in and that's not something you can take for granted.”



Mohamed Amine Izam, Morroco, Master in Finance and Economics


After finishing my high school degree, I decided to search for the most efficient and best way to gain knowledge. I decided to join the University of Luxembourg as its reputation is very good all over the world. I am proud of my decision to study at uni.lu as I developed a variety of skills not only in my field of study but also communications skills and because I get to discover different cultures and languages. My classes contain students from different backgrounds and different countries which help us to grow together and cooperate to increase firstly our knowledge and skills and secondly the reputation of our lovely University.”


Saskia Knottenbelt, New Zealand, Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts

 “I chose to study at the University of Luxembourg because the study program offered suited my interests very well. As my degree encompasses multilingualism and multiculturalism, Luxembourg seemed to be the ideal environment for studies in this domain. Luxembourg is an incredibly international country, and its University is no exception. I love meeting people from all over the world on a daily basis; in my degree programme in particular I find this is a huge asset, being exposed to various languages and cultures, and these aspects feature largely in class discussions.”




Various student associations are devoted to promoting cultural exchange and fostering integration of international students: The Association of Latin American Students, the Chinese Students’ Association, the Indian Student Association Luxembourg and the Erasmus Student Network Luxembourg.

The Erasmus Student Network Luxembourg recently received the Student Initiative Award from the University for their outstanding contribution to the social integration and well-being of students, the promotion of values like selflessness and solidarity, and their support of the community.