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Year in Review: The University’s key moments in 2018

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Published on Thursday, 06 June 2019

The University of Luxembourg has released its report “2018 – Year in Review”. The document looks back at the University’s development, key events, activities, successes and achievements during the first year of the rectorate of Prof. Stéphane Pallage who joined the University in January 2018. 

2018 saw the University progress in its main research focus areas and achieve new milestones in its institutional development. A new University law came into effect and a new four-year plan was approved, providing strategic orientation for the University as it celebrated its 15-year anniversary in 2018.

During the year, the University made excellent progress in reaching core KPIs. The University’s researchers authored approximately 1,900 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Two professors, Stéphane Bordas and Alexandre Tkatchenko, were ranked among the most influential scientific researchers. The University obtained three new European Research Council grants. Third-party funding broadened and new partnerships were struck with industry.

“It is a great source of pride for me to be at the helm of this outstanding institution”, states rector Stéphane Pallage. “This University is at the centre of the brains business and it aims for excellence in shaping the brainpower that will lead this country, its neighbouring regions, its businesses, organisations and institutions and that will prepare the next wave of scientific breakthroughs”.

In 2018 the University also opened the Luxembourg Learning Centre and the Maison des Arts et des Étudiants – two major infrastructures that will further enhance the high-level teaching and learning conditions at the Belval Campus. Another highlight of the year was the official launch of the University’s Incubator enabling young innovators to structure their ideas and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

Download the "2018 - Year in Review" report