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Course offer

The Language Centre aims to enhance the multilingual competence of its students and staff by offering language and communication courses for academic, professional and general purposes.

Our course offer for the summer semester 2016/17:


The Language Centre allocates ECTS or credits to most of its courses. One credit equals 25 to 30 hours of work, including contact hours and any set course work for completion outside the classroom hours.

You can get these credits if you pass assessment(s), do the set homework and are not absent more than a fixed number of times. However, whether a programme counts as credit-bearing for your study programme depends on whether it forms part of your official study programme and/or whether the person(s) in charge of your study programme recognize(s) a specific language course as credit-bearing.

Studying languages is a serious commitment

Before registering for a course, remember that learning a language requires a substantial investment of time and energy.

If you are unable or unwilling to attend classes regularly and do not put in the regular work outside class hours that is necessary to make progress, then it would be best not to register at all and look at language learning alternatives that would allow you to progress at your own pace, such as self-study materials.