The Language Centre of the University of Luxembourg was founded in 2014. Multilingualism is a key feature of the University of Luxembourg and is integrated into most study programmes. The Language Centre’s mission is:

  • to enable the members of the University to function well in this multilingual educational environment;
  • to facilitate international academic mobility and integration into Luxembourg society;
  • to enhance the employability of the University’s graduates.

To this end, we offer academic, general and professional language courses in the University’s official languages - French, English and German – as well as courses in other languages.


The Language Centre provides services for the University’s:

  • Bachelor and Master students, to support them in understanding and producing written and spoken texts in their fields of study and to help them acquire language and communication skills that will further their future careers;
  • PhD students, to promote the development of the language and communication skills they need to write up and present their research effectively;
  • academic and research staff, to help them teach and perform research in the languages they need to use;
  • administrative and technical staff, to help them to cope with the communication demands that result from working in a multilingual institution in cooperation with the Institut National des Langues du Luxembourg

The Language Centre’s courses and teaching methods are tailored to the needs of the University’s students and staff.

  • Our range of courses is based on a needs analysis to make sure it is fully in line with the requirements of the University.
  • All course materials and teaching methods are grounded in applied linguistic and educational research.
  • Independent learning opportunities are provided so that learners can adapt the pace and focus of their language learning to suit their needs and schedule.