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The Long Night of Writing - A great success

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Published on Monday, 17 June 2019

Long Night of Writing - Writing the night away at the Language Centre's latest event.

On May 23rd , 2019 the University of Luxembourg Language Centre hosted its biggest event thus far at the Learning Centre, titled the Long Night of Writing.  With 82 registrations, 263 students at an early stage of the event and 80 participants after 11 pm, the Long Night has not only attracted a remarkable number of participants but has also shown the pleasant side of late-night work.

A plentiful buffet with coffee and an assortment of snacks supplied the students with the energy needed to participate in a variety of workshops, writing consultations and a writing marathon, all of which worked in favour of students’ needs and were guided by peer tutors from Vienna and Luxembourg. Hourly sports breaks appealed to a growing number of participants even at later hours and successfully fought first signs of fatigue.

As a special offer, the Long Night of Writing invited students to compete in a writing contest titled The Story of the Night. It gave students an opportunity to write their own unique story, where the sole requirement was to utilise four words provided by the Long Night team. As a result, the contest resulted in impressive writings and the winners will be awarded with attractive prices.

The Language Centre and the Learning Centre were very pleased to have welcomed all students and staff members who were willing to come and engage in this event. We therefore want to take this opportunity to thank all participants and everyone involved! We look forward to seeing you all again in the next instalment of the event, or any other Language Centre events.