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Consultations for language learning and writing

As of April 2017 the Language Centre offers free one-to-one consultations for language learning and writing for BA and MA students for English, French and German
By whom?
Fellow students who have been trained as peer-tutors in language learning and writing

Language Centre, MSA 7 floor:

  • German: meeting room 0725-010
  • French: office 0725-030
  • English: meeting room 0725-010


Session time: 30 min

Individual appointments beside that dates are possible!


  • Advice on language learning resources and ways of improving your language learning progress
  • Advice on writing assignments concerning structure, argumentation, referencing and style (no proofreading)
  • Advice on composing oral presentations concerning structure, visual design and  interactive speech


Prepare your question and drop by ! We are happy to help you !