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Welcome to Luxembourg!

Parlez-vous français ? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak English? Or Lëtzebuergesch?

If you want to talk to the young woman or man at the nearby café table, first of all you have to find out what language they speak. In the Grand Duchy, one of the founder states of the European Union, about 47% of the 645,000 inhabitants are foreign. This multicultural ambience of day-to-day contact with people from around the world gives the small state an astonishingly cosmopolitan outlook – not least thanks to the European institutions, the financial centre and international students.

But of course it is far easier to get around the capital (128,514 inhabitants) than it is in Berlin or Paris. The distances are short. There is a lively nightlife scene around the fashionable bars of Hollerich, Grund and Clausen in the capital, or in the "Rockhal" and the "Kulturfabrik" at Esch/Alzette.

Furthermore, there are plenty of sports, leisure activities as well as events: cinemas and climbing parks, mountain bike trails and an enormous cultural range – from jazz in the mediaeval city, contemporary art at MUDAM, theatre in every language or classical as well as world music in the most beautiful new building in Luxembourg, the Philharmonie. All this set against the romantic backdrop of the mediaeval city – a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994 –, the castles in the richly-forested north and the vineyards along the Mosel.

Discover the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s many facets!


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