Den Atelier

Den Atelier is a well-known concert hall, built in old disused company workshops in Hollerich (Luxembourg City), next to the "Marx" bar. It has earned a reputation for hosting live concerts of internationally renowned bands.

Den Atelier can hold up to 800 people. It is one of Luxembourg's top nightlife spots. It is now also known beyond the borders of Luxembourg.

Jimmy Sommerville was the first international artist to give a concert at "Den Atelier" on 1 November, 1995.


Luxembourg’s largest concert hall opened in 2005: Rockhal can hold up to 6,500 people in its biggest hall and 1,200 people in an adjoining room.

It is located on the site of Belval (Esch/Alzette) and is well connected to the city of Luxembourg and other key locations, via direct trains stopping at the "Belval - Université" train station located just next to the concert hall.

Rockhal hosts major stars from the international entertainment and music industries, from Lady Gaga to Tokio Hotel, Kylie Minogue to Mark Knopfler.

Festival of Wiltz

The small town of Wiltz, in the northwest of Luxembourg, is known beyond the borders of the country thanks to its music festival held every summer in open air in the park of the castle of Wiltz.

Since its inception 1953, the Festival of Wiltz is the place to be to meet great theatre troupes, orchestras and international artists.

Philharmonie (Grande-Duchesse Joséphine Charlotte Concert Hall)

The Philharmonie is a large and impressive modern building that opened its doors to the public for the first time on 26 June 2005. Today, it hosts over 400 performances per year and is one of the major concert halls in Europe.

The building's iconic structure contributes to the rich architectural heritage of Luxembourg.

Rock um Knuedler

Another open air rock festival is Rock um Knuedler. It is a major event of the Luxembourg pop rock scene.

Around 15,000 people gather every year on Place Guillaume II, in the city center of Luxembourg, to enjoy the music offered.