Candlemass "Liichtmessdag"

It is at the end of January that you will find "mir gi liichten" signboards at the entrance of all villages asking you to pay attention to groups of kids walking from house to house with colorful lanterns.

Candlemass takes place on 2 February. Children sing "Léiwer Härgottsblieschen" to their neighbours to wish them good luck for the forthcoming year; in return, neighbours offer them sweets. "Härgottsblieschen" stands for St Blase, one of the 14 auxiliary Saints, whose Saint’s day is celebrated the day after Candlemass. Its roots go back to Celtic rites when farmers tramped to the fields with lanterns to pray for a good harvest year.


“Klibberen”, which means to rattle or to clatter, is celebrated between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday. It is just before that period that "Mir gi klibberen" sign posts are put up to ask you to drive even more carefully.

Children go down the streets of villages in groups clattering their ratchets 3 times a day: in the morning at 6:00 shouting "d’Muergesklack laut" (morning bell are ringing), at 12:00 lunch time "d’Mettesklack laut" (noon bells are ringing) and in the evening at 18:00 "d’Owesklack laut" (evening bell are ringing). The noise of ratchets is supposed to replace that of church bells during 4 days, when they are offto Rome to confess their sins. Children are offered Easter eggs by villagers.

“Klibberen” is an old tradition originating from Luxembourg and the French Moselle.

Iechternacher Sprangprozessioun (Hopping procession of Echternach)

The procession of Eschternach is a dancing procession of religious origin taking place every Whit Tuesday in the small abbey town of Echternach.

This event has been classified as "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO since 2010.

ING Night Marathon

The ING Night Marathon is one of the biggest annual sports events. It is organised in an evening of the month of May through the streets of Luxembourg.

The event is open to amateurs as well as professionals.

Numerous musical and entertaining events also punctuate the race, attracting thousands of spectators.

National Day

The Luxembourg National Day is the official celebration of the anniversary of the Grand Duke. It is held every 23 June, regardless of his actual birthday.

On the eve of 23 June, the country starts celebrating the event: a torchlight procession "Fackelzuch" goes through the streets of the capital, a firework is launched from the Adolphe Bridge and many public concerts are organised, attracting huge crowds until late at night. The National Day is a popular moment of gathering for all citizens, Luxembourgers and foreign residents as well as visitors from the Greater Region.

The highlight of 23 June itself is the military parade in the presence of the  Grand Ducal family, as well as the official ceremony in the Philharmonie. Other events like concerts, fireworks, parades, and more are organised on the same day throughout the country.


Rock-A-Field is an open air rock festival held annually in June that started back in 2002.

Each year tens of thousands of people attend the event that taked place near Roeser, in the green southern outskirts of Luxembourg City.

Performing bands are international celebrities.

Rock um Knuedler

Another open air rock festival is Rock um Knuedler. It is a major event of the Luxembourg pop rock scene.

Around 15,000 people gather every year on Place Guillaume II, in the city center of Luxembourg, to enjoy the music offered.

Blues'n Jazz Rallye

The Blues'n Jazz Rallye was created in 1995 as a contribution to the "European Capitals of Culture" event celebrated in 1995 in the city of Luxembourg. Since then, the festival has become a musical ‘must’ in Luxembourg City.

Each summer, more than 25,000 fans of eclectic music gather in the squares, streets, bars and cafés of the picturesque suburbs of the Grund and Clausen to listen to blues and jazz music.

e-Lake Festival

Since 1996, the e-Lake Festival takes place around the lake of Echternach, in the north-east of Luxembourg.

This annual gathering of rock, house and techno music attracts an impressive crowd of fans, thousands coming from Luxembourg and the border regions.

This festival is always held during the month of August. It greatly contibutes to developing the attractiveness of the Echternach/Mullerthal region as a tourist destination.

"D' Schouberfouer"

The "Schouberfouer" is a great popular fair which dates back to the 14th century. It plays a crucial role in Luxembourg’s social life and is also of interregional importance.

This fair is held annually in late August on the Glacis car park in Luxembourg City for a period of three weeks. Many restaurants and stalls, a Ferris wheel and a multitude of thrilling rides are present. The end of the fair is marked by a magnificent fireworks display. Do not forget to drop by!

Terres Rouges Festival

The open air Terres Rouges Festival is another great annual happening with pop/rock music in Luxembourg. It has been taking place in September since the year 2000 in the Gaalgenbierg Park in Esch/Alzette.

It is preceded by a two-day street festival during which music comes to meet festival fans in the streets of Esch/Alzette.

The Terres Rouges Festival is known for introducing Luxembourgish bands, for whom the festival is often the first real opportunity to perform in front of an audience of several thousand people.

Vianden nuts market

The Vianden nuts market is a traditional event, organised mid-October after the nut harvest in Vianden, a small town in the north-east of Luxembourg.

Vianden is a village known for its restored medieval castle of outstanding beauty and picturesque charm.